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Green EyEs

So If I have a chance, would you let me know...

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HI and welcome to my world..
I am a very outgoing person that loves to meet new people and try new things. I LOVE TO LAUGH AND HAVE FUN. I have a ton of interests so please feel free to friend me.

Cloud is Lost Love
a song of ice&fire, accents, adult swim, advent children, all super mario games, animal corssing, anime, anything final fantasy, aquateen hunger force, art, astrology, astronomy, beck, being scared, blue/green eyes, boondock saints, bowling, chai tea, cheeze, christmas, christmas decorating, christmas music, coldplay, comic books, computers, cowboy bebop, dancing, day dreaming, ddr, disney world, drawing, dreaming, dredg, ender's game, endless waltz, ethics, everworld, everything christmas, family guy, fencing, final fantasy 7, firefly, foosball, friends, fun filled laugh so-hard-you-have-to-pee-good-time, gamecube, ghost hunters, gundam wing, halloween, harry potter, having fun, hawaii, hershey park, his dark materials, homemade pasta, house, italy, kingdom hearts, languages, late night phone calls, laughing, learning different cultures, lost, lotr, love, lucky number sleven, making people laugh, manga, massages, mellowdrone, monty python movies, movies, muse, music, music soundtracks, my ipod, my nintendo ds, mythology, napoleon dynamite, naruto, negima, neverwhere, ninjas, panic at the disco, pete & pete, philosophy, photography, piano, pie, pirates, pirates of the carribean, plain white t's, playstation 2, psu, psu football, psu icers, psu parties, psychology, radiohead, reading science fiction, rising from the ferns, robby roadsteamer, rocko's modern life, roller blading, roller coasters, room 420, rpg's, runnning, salute your shorts, scary movies, science, science fiction, shopping, sin city, sleeping, snatch, speaker for the dead, stars, straylight run, summer, sunrises, sunsets, talking, tarot cards, tennis, the beach, the gathering(ic), the glass dragon, the killers, the loneliest magician, the nightmare before christmas, the perfect princess, the wayfarer redemption, the yankees, tomato sandwhiches, trigun, twilight, unique names, v for vendetta, video game music, video games, wheel of time series, working out, x box, zelda, 雪、雨、たべもの、日本語