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"your hand is as dry as an eyeball'

So this is the first post of 2012...A lot has happened since last post.  I started a new job and its not bad..it has its perks.  I also started another part time job. So now I have 3 jobs.  I don't think I am going to stick with the new part time one cause its on Saturdays and I kind of want a day to myself.  I also have someone new in my life!! We have a lot in common even though he does not like my hockey team, he likes the Pens.  But life is good right now.. and I'm happy.

Its March and my doll face is going to be 11 yrs old.  My nephew is getting so big, I asked him what he wanted for his b-day and he stated that he wanted a popcorn machine for his birthday.  I think thats awesome :) I am going to do my best to get him one.

I would love to be a kid again and have no worries, those were the days.

Peace out.
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