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I don't want to go to work tomorrow :(

I did not have work on Friday due to the snow.. which was lovely because I got to sleep IN.  But I had to go in for ToyS.  all the crazy People where there shopping because everything else including the two malls were closed.  There is this guy at work  who creeps me out and he asked me out the other day.  I told him I was not interested and he told me to think about it. Who says that... Seriously... I am Not going to change My Mind  :( 

But anyway I went to a hockey game Yesterday and I saw the  Scranton/Wilkesbarre penguins play.   They Ended up winning 5 to 1, It was a good time and it wasn't too expensive.  Also, I went shopping and bought 200.00  dollars worth of clothes at the express, Because I absolutely need a new outfit for work.  lol, I really shouldn't have spent so much,  but I couldn't help myself..   

Anna and I a planning day trips, road trips, birthday trips,and spring/summer concerts.  We have a lot to plan  :(  We are ultimately planning a backpacking trip across Europe which is something we both have wanted to do for a long time. 

My sis and I want to take dance lessons.  I am bad at dancing but it gives me a chance to meet new people and make new friends which is always fun :)

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