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"your hand is as dry as an eyeball' 03/02/12 -- 07:21pm
So this is the first post of 2012...A lot has happened since last post.  I started a new job and its not bad..it has its perks.  I also started another part time job. So now I have 3 jobs.  I don't think I am going to stick with the new part time one cause its on Saturdays and I kind of want a day to myself.  I also have someone new in my life!! We have a lot in common even though he does not like my hockey team, he likes the Pens.  But life is good right now.. and I'm happy.

Its March and my doll face is going to be 11 yrs old.  My nephew is getting so big, I asked him what he wanted for his b-day and he stated that he wanted a popcorn machine for his birthday.  I think thats awesome :) I am going to do my best to get him one.

I would love to be a kid again and have no worries, those were the days.

Peace out.
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and this long line of cars is all because of you.. 10/26/11 -- 08:05pm
So I am not ready for winter... I am not ready to put on many layers of clothing only to still be cold and I am most of all not ready for snow :( but anyway I am hoping my luck changes within these next two weeks, I need it. Lately I have been spending a lot of time with my dad. He is doing good, he can't wait to drive again and go back to work.

"Everywhere I go I'm a tourist but if you stay with me, I'll always be at home"
[ mood | hopeful ]
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:?/ 10/18/11 -- 03:48pm
 so Why do you waste my time?"
Is the answer to the question on your mind
And I'm sick of all my judges
so scared of what they'll find
But I know that I can make it
As long as somebody takes me home,
every now and then...

have you ever seen the light..
[ mood | cranky ]
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hi 10/07/11 -- 09:06pm
"Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark. But they're wrong. Because it's not irrational. It's Vashta Nerada"

I need a change job, not just any job a good job.  My plan is to get a job, save money to go back to school to get my masters. and it all starts with a good job....

Finding a job with a B.A. honestly means nothing.  its like the equivalent of a high school diploma.  :(

-honestly if I new how hard it was going to be finding a job I would have changed my major.  I wish someone could have told me this before or while I was in college. 

I want to say thanks for all the teachers, professors,  and adviser's who failed me.

anyway, I now have a new piano teacher and she is so prim or maybe prissy is a better word.  I don't think I am going to be able to connect, she is not my type of person.

but anyway, she told me that I need to twist my wrists when playing.  I Have never heard of this before.  My previous teacher taught me no such thing. honestly I watched her play 2 measures and it looked like her wrists were possessed. She had me practice and I can't do it, for one thing my wrists are  boney.  Also, there is just something about it that does not look right.
She even changed my sheet music.  I am learning Bach's prelude in C major and she  changed it so now I have to use different fingers.

I don't want to relearn it; I can play it just fine with the way I originally learned with my previous teacher.. 

some one save me..   can someone please tell me what the wrist moving is all about??.  I really don't really see the point.
[ mood | aggravated ]
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09/25/11 -- 06:48pm
"Planets and history and stuff, that's what we do. But not today. No, today we're answering a cry for help from the scariest place in the universe: A child's bedroom."

      Tick-tock goes the clock
     And what then shall we see?
  Tick-tock until the day
   That thou shalt marry me?

Tick-tock goes the clock
And all the years they fly
Tick-tock and all too soon
You and I must die

Tick-tock goes the clock
He cradled her and he rocked her
Tick-tock goes the clock
Even for the Doctor

[ mood | hot ]
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something to think about 09/20/11 -- 04:33pm
Another year is almost over, can you believe it? it is almost christmas again.  So many things have happend this year.. I can only wonder what will happen next, where will I be, and whom will be a part of my life. 

Currently though I need a plan of action.  I need to find something to get me to somewhere else.  I am stuck in a hole and would love some help on finding my way out. 

I want so much more for myself but I don't know how to start, how to change, how to become this person I want to be...

[ mood | melancholy ]
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09/05/11 -- 09:45pm


I love the DR; the music is awesome too.
[ mood | good ]
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its been a loooonngg weeek 04/15/11 -- 05:27pm
It's Friday!!!! YAY!!!

so who's up for a party? :0)
[ mood | indifferent ]
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wooo!!! 02/16/11 -- 08:50pm

Did you ever want to take bad advice?

Did you ever want to go and take it twice?

[ mood | giddy ]
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12/05/10 -- 09:11pm
another year is almost over.  I have not been updating this thing as much as. 

It;s Christmas and I have yet to start my shopping.  Toys is now opened to 12midnight and I am going to be a total zombie the next few weeks till Christmas.  :(

I love this time of year but a part of me hates it because of the toy store.   I wish it was not open so late.
[ mood | sleepy ]
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good song 12/05/10 -- 09:03pm
   Little Girl by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse

A trick that people use to make you think they are smart
Is confidence when actually they're lost in the dark
Only someone with the mind of a child says he'll grow up
Cause headin' down the avalance your life will show up

It's nice to be a victim of what happened too late
I wanna share my food, but you have stolen my plate
Hey now, hey now, go your way now

You tortured little girl
Showing them what love is all about
Where did all the time go?
Everywhere it's gone, gone, gone

You get the point now
You pick your self up off the bars, he's on his arm now
Coz they remind you of the pictures on the wall now
But she was young and I wasn't not even born yet
If you think I know a little more then
You have this person on the streets, you aren't correct
Because I'm ignorant as shit, not here to preach man
You know I just wanna have fun, go to the beach man
That's all I am, I'm just a simple guy who talks when
you put a microphone in front of him

You twisted little girl
Showing them what life is all about
Where did all the time go?
Everywhere it's gone

Running laps in a relationship
Going in circles and i just can't wait
Running laps so we can get in shape
Get in shape because we can't escape
Running laps because I'm already late
Really not, I'm in the exact same place
Running laps in your relationship
Running away from the shadows themselves

The world's always amazed at how much cash you made
But not at how you made it, it's just strange
It sounded kinda cool over the phone
It killed your neighbours and their dog and crushed their bones

You tortured little girl
Showing them what laughter's all about
Where did all the wine go?
Every night it's gone

You got it all worked out
Funny little girl
Showing them what pain is all about
Where did all the time go?
Every night it's gone, gone, gone

You're the coolest girl in this whole town
I just wanna parade you around
[ mood | cheerful ]
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08/29/10 -- 06:24pm
I love the warm weather.
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Its WEdnesday and I need to start posting again.. 08/18/10 -- 06:50pm

Take me away
I don't care what the place
I just can't see your face every night and day.

Does anyone know who sings this song?
[ mood | thirsty ]
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Its FRIDAY!! 04/30/10 -- 05:18pm
IT's almost MAY!!! where did the time go..
that means its almost my birthday 5/31

time needs to SLOW DOWN

[ mood | stressed ]
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I don't want to go to work tomorrow :( 02/28/10 -- 07:52pm
I did not have work on Friday due to the snow.. which was lovely because I got to sleep IN.  But I had to go in for ToyS.  all the crazy People where there shopping because everything else including the two malls were closed.  There is this guy at work  who creeps me out and he asked me out the other day.  I told him I was not interested and he told me to think about it. Who says that... Seriously... I am Not going to change My Mind  :( 

But anyway I went to a hockey game Yesterday and I saw the  Scranton/Wilkesbarre penguins play.   They Ended up winning 5 to 1, It was a good time and it wasn't too expensive.  Also, I went shopping and bought 200.00  dollars worth of clothes at the express, Because I absolutely need a new outfit for work.  lol, I really shouldn't have spent so much,  but I couldn't help myself..   

Anna and I a planning day trips, road trips, birthday trips,and spring/summer concerts.  We have a lot to plan  :(  We are ultimately planning a backpacking trip across Europe which is something we both have wanted to do for a long time. 

My sis and I want to take dance lessons.  I am bad at dancing but it gives me a chance to meet new people and make new friends which is always fun :)

[ mood | indescribable ]
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02/26/10 -- 02:27pm
It''s Still SNOWING!!!!!!
[ mood | exhausted ]
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02/11/10 -- 07:51pm
I'M SICK..  :(
[ mood | MISERABLE ]
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quotes to live by,, 02/04/10 -- 07:42pm
1,  Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie.  Don't save for a special occasion, Today is SPECIAL.

2.Time heals almost everything, give time time.

3.  However good or bad a situation, IT will CHANGE

4. Life is not fair, but it is still good.

5. Envy is a waste of time, You already have what you need

[ mood | sad ]
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01/30/10 -- 05:53pm
"Empty spaces - what are we living for?
Abandoned places - I guess we know the score...
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are looking for?

Another hero - another mindless crime.
Behind the curtain, in the pantomime.
Hold the line!
Does anybody want to take it anymore

The Show must go on!
The Show must go on!
Inside my heart is breaking,
My make-up may be flaking,
But my smile, still, stays on!

Whatever happens, I'll leave it all to chance.
Another heartache - another failed romance.
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are living for?

I guess I'm learning
I must be warmer now..
I'll soon be turning round the corner now.
Outside the dawn is breaking,
But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free"

[ mood | anxious ]
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WHO YA GONNA CALL....GHOST BUSTERS! 01/30/10 -- 05:35pm


[ mood | accomplished ]
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